So Many Options! How to Navigate Software, Cloud, and Internet to Optimize Your Business

Today, businesses have more options than ever for running their business. There used to be a time when there were only a handful of office productivity tools on the market, and with the advent of cloud technology there now can be 40 different application choices for accomplishing the same thing.

The average employee works with 36 different cloud services, including business apps, team collaboration tools, file sharing services, and content sharing services, like YouTube.

Internet offers a whole other area of options, with the new NBN business plans providing more choices in speed, bandwidth and carriers than we’ve had before.

While the main challenge for small businesses trying to get ahead used to be finding affordable technology options, more choice has led to lower prices, but also made it more complicated to choose the best technology combination for their needs.

Choose the wrong combination of cloud services, and you can end up with data in different platforms that don’t speak to each other. Pick a broadband plan that’s more than you need, and you end up paying higher costs than you should every month for your business internet. And when it comes to your IT security… one wrong choice could leave you with a costly data breach.

This is where Elevate Technology comes in. Our team of IT professionals is always on the lookout for new ways to help our clients make the most of their technology investments.

From managed IT services to software, cloud, and connection solutions that centralize and integrate their business workflows, we help companies ensure that all parts of their IT are working together to support their business mission.

How to Make the Right Choices for Your IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing has attracted businesses of all sizes largely due to the cost savings. But as companies add one service here and another one there, the costs can quickly climb to become more than they were expecting.

When it comes to supporting their cloud connectivity, choosing the wrong internet plan from all those new NBN options, can severely limit productivity and growth.

Here are some of the ways that Elevate helps Australian businesses in the Mackay, Bowen, Basin, and Whitsunday regions streamline and optimize their technology infrastructure through a smart strategy customized to their needs.

Integrating the Right Cloud Solutions

The number one cloud initiative in 2019 for surveyed companies was to optimize their existing use of cloud solutions for cost savings. A full 64% of businesses understood that to use the cloud effectively, they need to be mindful of how they’re using and selecting all those different solutions.

Elevate helps companies integrate cloud solutions and remove redundancies in processes, so they’re not paying for more tools than they need or buying software that their employees aren’t using.

We offer Elevate Apps, which is a group of pre-selected business productivity apps including:

  • Professional email
  • Online storage
  • Shared calendars
  • Document processing
  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Video meetings
  • And more

They’re designed to give businesses a bundled package of integrated cloud services that work together without duplicating efforts. Also included is administration and management support, such as creating users and customizing the apps to your business for a completely optimized cloud solution.

Navigating the National Broadband Network

Australia’s new National Broadband Network (NBN) offers more options than ever for businesses when it comes to how they connect to the internet. But with more choices, also comes more decisions to make.

How much bandwidth do you need? Should you get a plan at 83 Mbps or 40 Mbps? What’s the difference between Business Class 2 and Business Class 4 internet service?

There are a lot of questions for companies to consider when choosing the right NBN plan and service provider and it’s difficult to do without an expert on your side to guide you.

Elevate techs can take a look at your current internet use, your current and future technology and connectivity needs, and help you choose the best plan that allows for the growth you need without overpaying.

Securing Your Data from Current and Future Threats

Ransomware, viruses, and malware aren’t going anywhere, and the variants of these threats get more sophisticated every year. Just going online can invite all types of risks to your network if your endpoints aren’t properly monitored and secured.

Elevate Connect offers protection for safe internet use through VPN connectivity, whether on an office desktop or smartphone while on the road. It also includes safeguards like content filtering and event log monitoring to ensure your connections are secure no matter where your employees are connecting from.

Reduce Costs While Streamlining Your IT

If you’re like the majority of Australian businesses looking to lower costs by optimising your technology, Elevate can help! Our certified professionals have over a decade of IT experience and can tailor your technology infrastructure to match your exact needs and budget (no waste!).

Contact us for an IT consultation today. Call 1300.463.538 or reach out online.