VMware and Hyper-V are the leading hypervisors when it comes to virtualisation in the SMB space.  Elevate are experts in both products and can advise the best solution for your business.  There are many benefits to virtualisation – some address technical concerns while other are financially motivated;

Virtualisation allows for the consolidation of hardware.  By virtualising multiple servers onto a single physical server hardware space and costs are reduced.  Ongoing costs for power consumption and hardware maintenance will also be decreased.

Redundancy can be achieved with far greater ease due to virtualisation.  High-Availability of your server environment and applications can be attained through virtualisation — if a physical server was to fail then a replica can be brought online immediately and seamlessly

Migration and BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) is improved and simplified thanks to virtualisation.

Legacy applications are unlikely to run on new hardware as they require a very specific operating environment — however, through virtualisation this is possible.

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