Self-Managed IT May Be Costing More Than You Think: 7 Ways to Save by Outsourcing

One of the ways small businesses try to save money is by doing as much as possible themselves. This includes trying to handle their own technology and only calling in a pro when something breaks.

But studies show that self-managed IT typically costs businesses more than if they used managed IT services. So, while a company thinks they’re doing something budget-friendly, they could actually be losing money by not outsourcing their technology management.

Each computer without proper IT management can cost a business $5,000 USD(AU$7,299) per year.

Several factors go into the cost of unmanaged computers and networks, including:

  • Cost of IT-related downtime
  • Cost for emergency (reactive) repairs
  • Loss of productivity
  • Security breaches
  • Shorter equipment lifespans

Investing in a managed IT plan takes the burden of constantly putting out IT fires off your shoulders and can offer many cost saving and security benefits as well.

Improve Your Bottom Line by Outsourcing IT Management

Proactive 24/7 IT monitoring, maintenance, and support 365 days a year is less than you think, especially when you compare it to the costs of managing your own technology.

Here are the ways outsourced IT can improve your bottom line.

Lower IT Labor Costs

Reactive support (when it breaks, call someone fast to fix it) is much more expensive that proactive support (keep it running smoothly). When you’re paying for emergency repairs, the labor costs can really add up, not to mention the cost  of downtime while you’re waiting on a fix.

Proactive support at a predictable monthly rate, means that your computers and network are being monitored and maintained regularly to address any issues that could potentially cause downtime, meaning emergencies are avoided.

Improve Data Security

The cost of a data breach averages AU$219 per each compromised file and the average number of files involved is 25,575. So, keeping your technology infrastructure secure and always updated is vital to warding off online threats.

Ensuring your network is secure and all devices are properly updated and patched – including operating system, software, and firmware – is not something that many business owners have the ability to handle while attending to their company.

Managed IT security can give you the protection and peace of mind you need knowing that your data is protected, and your systems are consistently updated against the latest cyber threats.

Improved Employee Productivity

If your staff has to stop and figure out an IT issue several times a day, that could end up being several hours of lost productivity by the end of the month. When you work with Elevate Technology as your outsourced IT partner, you have a hotline to instant technical help so your team can get the assistance they need fast and get on with their day.

We have professionals certified in a number of fields and we’re there for you 24/7/365, even at midnight on a Saturday!

Take Advantage of New Technologies

An outsourced IT provider can give you insights into new technology and better ways of doing things based upon their vast experience working in multiple industries.

If you’re working with someone sporadically on a break/fix basis, they won’t have an opportunity to get to know your business. But with a managed IT provider, they’re involved with you regularly managing and monitoring your devices and will have the ability to identify cost savings and efficiency-boosting opportunities for you.

Reduced Hardware Costs

When you take good care of your automobile and maintain it regularly, it lasts longer. The same is true of your technology hardware.

Managed servers, network routers, switches, computers, and other devices, last longer because they’re properly maintained. This means more time before you need to budget large cash outlays for replacements and upgrades of equipment.

Reduce Compliance Costs

Complying with data privacy regulations can be time-consuming and costly for a company trying to handle it on their own. If the person that’s in charge of compliance leaves the company, that means there is a whole new learning curve with a new individual and in the meantime things could fall between the cracks, resulting in a compliance violation.

An outsourced managed service provider can help you ensure compliance and help with any annual reporting that’s needed as part of their overall managed IT security services, meaning lower compliance costs for your business.

Predictable IT Costs

IT costs can vary significantly if you’re not managing your IT properly and you could end up with huge repair costs that come out of the blue due to a hard drive crash or other system failure.

Using managed IT allows you to control your IT budget and gives you a predictable flat monthly rate that includes multiple IT services from patch and update management to managed backup to helpdesk support and more. Proactive IT management means no nasty budget surprises.

Lower Costs & Improve Security with Elevate Technology

Have you considered a managed IT services plan, but weren’t sure you needed one? We’ll be happy to sit down with you and go through the benefits and how we can help you save money each month on your technology.

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