We understand that nothing truly exceptional is built alone. Therefore, we have leveraged several partnerships to deliver the excellent service that Elevate stands by.

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Elevate Partners
Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Partner

Due to Elevate’s consistency and operational excellence we have been awarded gold status as a Microsoft partner. This is an exclusive club that only 2% of IT providers worldwide are able to join.

Working with a Microsoft Partner means:

  • Receiving direct provision of the appropriate Microsoft products without you ever needing to deal with Microsoft itself.
  • Advice on the best solutions and strategy on how to get the most from your Microsoft products.
  • Swift implementation of product solutions to optimize your business processes and success.

With millions of users worldwide, Microsoft OS and Office suite continues to be a staple in business operations. Therefore, as a gold standard partner, Elevate technology is in the perfect position to implement your Microsoft product needs quickly and effectively.

Meraki Partner

Meraki Partner

Our partnership with Cisco Meraki gives us the tools to provide comprehensive network solutions with enterprise-grade security. Cisco the largest company in the network and communications industry with systems that power over 85% of all Internet Traffic. The entirety of the Elevate’s business stack is built with Meraki which is testament to the confidence that we have in the product we serve.

Our partnership benefits our clients in countless ways, here are 3 of them:

  • Top of the line hardware that includes all necessary functions for enterprise.
  • Easy deployment, meaning cleaner and cheaper set up for our clients.
  • Detailed management and logging so that we can monitor your systems for our proactive network maintenance
Dropbox Elite Partner

Dropbox Elite Partner

Dropbox is by far the most popular cloud storage system in the world – allowing you to save files online and keep them in sync with your devices.

As a Dropbox elite partner, Elevate holds the highest certification for delivering Dropbox products and services. In other words, we provide can provide significant value to customers regardless of their industry or requirements for support.

You can expect the following from us as Elite Partners:

  • Excellent solution design and implementation
  • Seamless integration with existing tools
  • Continuous management and support
Google Partner

Google Partner

Working with a google partner means having access to a partnership that drives success. Elevate has teamed up with Google to bring the full power of Google Workspace and Google Cloud to our clients. These products form the basis for our Cloud Solutions package. With Elevate Cloud Solutions you get fully optimized google products to suit your needs.

Here are the benefits of Elevate Cloud Solutions:

  • Harmonious online collaboration with team members in real time
  • Enhanced security with built-in features such as message encryption
  • Extensive protective measures to make sure cloud services are always online.
Sentinel One Partner

Sentinel One Partner

As part of our extensive cyber security practices, we leverage the strength of our partnership with Sentinel One. This company has a solid reputation for providing next gen endpoint protection for all devices that exist within your network ecosystem. We use our status as Sentinel One resellers to make exceptional web security more accessible for our clients.

With Sentinel One, we are empowered to:

  • Deliver exceptional endpoint security
  • Protect our users from data breaches using AI technology
  • Give our clients a distinct advantage against cybercriminals at a reduced cost
Inky Partner

Inky Partner

Another part of our cybersecurity practice focuses on protecting you from web fraud tactics such as phishing scams. Our partnership with INKY helps us to provide best in class tooling for defending against the biggest and most common cyberthreats. INKY also integrates well with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace which gives us flexibility in dealing with any client.

This partnership benefits our clients by:

  • Providing simple ways to educate employees on cyberthreats
  • Allowing quick deployment of phishing protection on cloud services
  • Reducing helpdesk requests be eliminating phishing threats
Veeam Reseller

Veeam Reseller

To bolster our cloud data management, we enlist the expertise of Veeam solutions. With over 400K companies supported worldwide, Veeam is amongst the world’s best in providing backup and data protection for clients using cloud services.

Elevate uses this technology to help clients:

  • Reliably backup and store critical company data
  • Eliminate damaging cyberthreats such as ransomware attacks.
  • Access flexible data storage solutions to fit their needs perfectly