5 Undeniable Benefits of Managed IT Services

I know, I hear it all the time.

Most business owners believe that with their resident IT magicians and generic antivirus software that they can pull through just fine.

But here’s a thought for you:

44 percent of businesses estimate that a single hour of downtime would cost them $10,000 or more.

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How to Choose the Right Managed Services Provider in Brisbane

Choosing an IT provider should be an easy process.

Furthermore, with the right provider, you can find yourself outfitted with cutting edge technology at a fraction of the cost – and headache – to that of relying solely on your internal team.

So – how do you know you’re partnered with the right one?

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Cybercrime is Winning. Are Australians Ready to Fight Back?

It’s been almost 8 months since Scott Morrison addressed the nation on cyber security. In that address he related a stark warning about the cybercrime situation in Australia.

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Cybersecurity Habits All Remote Workers Should Incorporate

Working remotely is no longer a perk companies offer to their employees every now and again — it has become the norm. The pandemic has left companies and freelance entrepreneurs alike at home, building makeshift workspaces in their living spaces in an attempt to help flatten the curve. The transition has led many businesses to change their mindset about telecommuting and finally see the benefits of working remotely. In fact, lots of businesses have begun committing to a fully remote, or mostly remote workforce, despite many of the social distancing and quarantine policies easing. Unfortunately, not all workers are knowledgeable when it comes to cybersecurity, and this could mean trouble for your business. This makes it all the more important that you educate your team about the basics of cybersecurity and help them build good cybersecurity habits.

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