New Cisco Meraki Products and Updates You’ll Want to Check Out in the New Year

When it comes to optimising the way data streams across multiple devices, a leader in cloud-managed IT is Cisco Meraki. Their solutions have been simplifying things like network management and roll-out of digital initiatives since 2006.

How you use technology and integrate the different areas of your business data has a profound impact on how well your organisation runs and its ability to grow and adapt in the future.

Computers, mobile devices, and other IT have gone from being helpful to our work, to being absolutely vital. That’s why the providers you choose and the way your IT infrastructure and technology services are planned and implemented can either propel your business further or hold it back.

The hashtag that Cisco Meraki uses to promote their brand is #WorkSimple and it exemplifies the purpose of their products. They’re designed to take complex digital challenges and solve them with the simplest and most powerful solutions that everyone from small businesses to large enterprises can employ to save time and money.

New Products, Capabilities, and More

What’s new when it comes to Cisco Meraki? From new mobile connectiveness to easier ways to secure device access, they’ve got several new solutions that you’re going to want to check out for your 2020 technology planning.

MG Cellular Gateway

Just released on December 5, 2019, the MG Cellular Gateway has been a much-anticipated addition to the Meraki platform and it’s just in time to take advantage of that new 5G connectivity making its way around the world.

The product takes a cellular signal and transforms it into a wired Ethernet connection that can then be used throughout the entirety of a network through use of a router.

The ability to tap into the benefits of 5G cellular connections can have multiple benefits to companies. 5G improvements over 4G are promising:

  • 100x more traffic capacity
  • 10x less latency (lag time)
  • 10x more connection density

Simplicity is a Cisco Meraki philosophy and this device offers easy setup and management capabilities. Here are several of the features:

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Manage thousands of cellular gateways from a single control panel
  • Integrated CAT6 cellular model with up to 300Mbps
  • Flexible mounting options, attach to a wall, pole, ceiling, or set on a table
  • Remote monitoring of things like signal strength and cellular modem ID

Meraki Trusted Access

Mobile devices are more challenging to secure and manage than desktops sitting inside a single office. But there’s no denying that more of our workloads each year are being handled by smartphones and tablets because of the ease of access and flexibility.

To address security concerns when devices are logging into company applications, Cisco has introduced Meraki Trusted Access. It makes granting secure device access to your network easier.

The program automates the process of allowing end devices to securely access your business network to reduce the time it takes for onboarding. You can additionally have devices connecting without the need of a mobile device management app being installed.

The platform syncs the Active Directory Server to create user profiles and from those Trusted Access can be enabled for specific Wi-Fi networks. The system works to using a “trusted” certificate that is applied to a user’s device.

MS390 Cloud-Managed Switch

We usually think of network switches as static pieces of hardware that enable our office connections. Meraki switches go a step farther and take advantage of cloud capabilities to keep up with the demands of next generation wired and wireless networks.

Their newest version is the MS390 and it integrates cloud-managed IT with innovative Cisco switching technology. Some of the features include:

  • Email alerts for switch management
  • Remote troubleshooting tools
  • Ability to manage ports from GUI-based dashboard
  • Zero-touch provisioning

Enhancements to Meraki Go

Merako Go is a Wi-Fi and networking solution specifically designed for businesses with 50 employees or less. Enhancements include a security gateway and network switches, giving small business owners the ability to self-manage their internet and wireless, including guest Wi-Fi.

Features include:

  • Cloud-management app
  • Automatic updates
  • Network health monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Easy to create Wi-Fi splash pages

Trying to manage your Wi-Fi and run your business is made much easier with the ability to setup network connections in less than ten minutes through a user-friendly interface and you can handle security concerns through a Meraki Go Security Subscription.

Find Out Which Cisco Meraki Products Can Power Your Office

Elevate Technology helps keep our customers on the cutting edge with technologies that make their jobs easier while giving them more capabilities. Cisco Meraki offers some great options for networking and security, and we can walk you through them to help you make the best decisions for optimsation in the new year.

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