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Expert IT Support services as you need them. Maximize your business potential with a world-class IT support services provider. Our comprehensive solutions encompass all the modern tooling and techniques to make sure your company is well outfitted, and your issues are effectively resolved.

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Elevate IT Support
enhance your business

Enhance Your Business

With Elevate Technology, you have IT support that is professional, trustworthy, and efficient.

Along with exceptional IT support, we also prioritize maintaining a human touch. In this way, you experience a pleasant work relationship, while all the technology issues are seamlessly dealt with.

Why Choose Elevate IT Support?

You want a highly qualified team with proven experience.

Working with Elevate IT support means that you are getting decades of battle-tested IT professionals.

You want complete services.

We are a one-stop shop. Any IT issues you run into, Elevate has a service for you. Even better, we offer packages consisting of commonly requested products at affordable prices.

You want to be top priority.

We provide high quality, highly available response times that are hospitable and efficient.

What Makes Us Unique?

With Elevate you get an incredible combination of:
  • Affordable and consistent pricing
  • Highly qualified team with decades of experience.
  • Modern tooling and proven technology strategies.
  • Clear and inclusive Service Level Agreements.
  • Quick, professional, and human responses.

Elevate Managed Services

Hire an Expert Team At An Affordable Rate

Imagine, all your IT requirements completely handled for an affordable monthly fee. You can
think of elevate managed services as hiring an entire IT department at only a fraction of the cost.

Less Downtime And More Productivity

The Fully Managed IT Services package guarantees you a dependable and efficient network that can revolutionize the way your company handles communication and data.

Authentic Service That Puts You First

Our approach is authentic, the language we use is simple, and you’ll feel like you are being included in the process for the first time.

Proactive Service That Reacts In A Crisis

Our approach is authentic, the language we use is simple and you’ll feel like you are being included in the process for the first time.

Included in our Managed Services Package:

  • Expert IT workforce at your disposal
  • Highly skilled and readily available support team
  • Highly available server and network management
  • Consistent and predictable pricing
  • Wonderful service
Co-Managed Services

Co-Managed Services

The perfect compliment to your in-house experts.

At a basic level, our comanaged services can free your IT department of their daily burdens. Even more than that, we aim to truly extend your IT workforce, providing key insights on technology strategy and implementing best practices.

With Elevate co-managed you can:

  • Improve business operations with professional help.
  • Extend your IT workforce in a cost-effective manner
  • Get key insights on technology strategy and best practices

Quality IT Services To Meet Every Need

Contact us about any of the IT support services below. If you need many of these services, you can look at
our flagship managed services package.

Managed Cybersecurity

Managed Cybersecurity

Beat the cyber security crisis with our comprehensive web security solutions. Elevate managed cybersecurity encompasses detailed monitoring and protective strategies to make sure your data is safe from even the sneakiest cybercriminals.

  • Advanced threat detection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Detailed security education for continued protection
Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Collaborate like never before with our enterprise implementations of cloud services such as Office 365 and Google Workspaces.

  • Easily facilitate remote work environment
  • Encourage real-time collaboration through shared data store
  • Enhance security


Guaranteed access to your customers from anywhere in the world. We know how critical reliable communication is to your company, and we’re dedicated to keeping that a reality.

  • Eliminate internet phone downtime
  • Effectively automate phone services
  • Enterprise-grade maintenance for continued quality.


Supercharge productivity with lightning quick and highly reliable internet service.

  • Get the speed you pay for
  • Maximize bandwidth availability
  • Minimize internet connection loss

Elevate Has Got You Covered.

5 Benefits of Expert IT Support

Focus On Your Core Business

- Eliminate technical hiccups from your list of problems.

Enhance Security

– Protect your network and data with our tested cybersecurity protocols.

Advance Your Business With Modern Technology

- Enjoy the productivity boost that comes along with having the best tools for the job.

Comfortably Resolve Challenges

– Our wide experience helps us to predict and react to issues in a cost-effective manner.

Get Specialized Services

- As IT professionals, we know all too well that there is no “one size fit all” solution to any technical problem. At Elevate, we go the extra mile to make sure that you get exceptional value on every dollar that you spend with us.

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Support can be purchased on a variety of plans with hourly rates as low as $75.00 ex GST per hour

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