How to Make Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training More Engaging and Memorable

Human error is one of the main causes of data breaches. Whether it comes through choosing weak passwords or accidentally clicking on a phishing email, employees that aren’t aware of good cybersecurity practices can become a big liability.

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) in Brisbane, QLD, and Australia, along with New Zealand, have the highest rate of ransomware attacks in the world. In just the first quarter of 2019, 56% of managed service providers reported ransomware attacks on their SMB clients.

While there are several important layers to any good IT security strategy – web protection, mail filtering, managed antivirus, etc. – employee security awareness training is right up there among the most important.

Case studies show that cybersecurity awareness training can reduce security incidents by 80% to 95%.

The problem is that cybersecurity awareness training can be boring and only come around once in a blue moon at some companies. That doesn’t really make for an engaging and memorable lesson that helps improve an organisation’s overall cybersecurity posture.

When we’re working with businesses throughout Mackay, Brisbane and Newcastle, we’ve seen a real need for security training that’s entertaining as well as educational.

We searched for a solution our clients would love, and we found it with Ninjio.

Make Data Security Training Interesting with Ninjio

Ninjio is a cybersecurity training platform that is endorsed by us at Elevate Technology and one we’ll be offering to our clients in Brisbane, QLD, and beyond. It takes a fresh look at training your employees on cybersecurity and presents it in engaging 3 to 4-minute Hollywood-style micro-learning videos.

Videos offer an easy way to digest information and they combine visuals, text, and sounds to aid comprehension. Video is one of the main drivers of consumer engagement with users spending 88% more time on websites with videos, so it makes perfect sense to employ it for training.

Here are some of the ways that Ninjio’s cybersecurity awareness training style can improve your Brisbane, Australia company’s overall data security by making your employees better data defenders.

Short Animated Episodes

It’s important to continually remind your employees how important cybersecurity is, and their platform is designed to do this through short episodes about the latest threats and breaches. A new episode is released each month, so your team remains up to date.

Emotionally Engages

Good storytelling depends upon an emotional component. It helps people remember the material and feel engaged with it. Ninjio videos are created by storytellers and connect with viewers on an emotional level to increase information retention.

Real Attacks are Highlighted

The video episodes discuss real data breaches at real companies, so your employees realize how concrete the threats are out there and that they can happen to anyone.

Reinforces “Secure Living”

The core mission of Ninjio’s video training is to help protect end users and their company from cyberthreats. They help create and reinforce a culture of “secure living” to reduce susceptibility to threats on a daily basis.

Learn More About Using Ninjio for Your Cybersecurity Training

Could your business in Mackay, Brisbane or Newcastle use a more effective and engaging way to train your employees on good cybersecurity practices?

Contact Elevate today to get set up with Ninjio. Call 1300 463 538 or reach out online.