How to Choose the Right Managed Services Provider in Brisbane

Choosing an IT provider should be an easy process.

Furthermore, with the right provider, you can find yourself outfitted with cutting edge technology at a fraction of the cost – and headache – to that of relying solely on your internal team.

So – how do you know you’re partnered with the right one?

You Trust Their Experience

Certifications are wonderful, but nothing trumps some good old experience. Get to know how long your Brisbane service provider has been around.

Don’t be afraid to ask for reference projects. You’ll want to see if any previous projects match the requirements that you be seeking. This is the easiest way to know if your request can be easily handled.

You’re Confident in Their Disaster Recovery Plan

Every Managed Services IT provider will say that your uptime is guaranteed.

But what happens when something happens?

Here are some questions you can ask your potential provider:

  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  • Have you ever had to use it before?
  • How successful was the plan?
  • How recently has the plan been updated?

You Can Understand the Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements are about transparency. With the right managed services provider, you should be able to clearly understand what you are paying for. Furthermore, the expectations of yourself and the provider should be easily laid out so that you can reference them at any time.

Anytime you feel confused about service level agreements that is a red flag. If you ask a question about the SLAs and you feel more confused, then you are with the wrong provider.

You Know Your Getting Value for Your Money

Experts have a way of executing tasks with such efficiency and class that you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

With the right IT services provider, not a single thought is wasted on if you’re going to have server or network issues. All your energy goes toward the things that matter.

They Sound Like People

Don’t you just hate talking to robots.

There’s no reason for you to suffer through poor customer service for the promise of exceptional managed services. You can have both.

The best-case scenario is to find a team that prioritizes communication and customer relationships. These types of companies will tend to have a 24/7 helpdesk that is readily available. They will also be willing to advertise their response times because they know that competing firms don’t tend to share these values.

If they don’t publicize response times – ask them.

Pro Tip – Ask for References

Try to get into contact with companies who worked with your potential service provider before. These days with LinkedIn and other social media, it’s much easier to get into contact with decision makers to get this kind of information.

You’ll want to ask the references if they felt like experienced all the above with your potential provider. If they have moved on to a new provider, ask them why the relationship ended and be sure to take that into account when you make your final decision.

Elevate is a World Class Managed IT Service provider, operating from right here in Brisbane. We always prioritize customer success and expert service. Feel free to contact us, if you’d like to have peace of mind from all your technical problems.