Here’s Why You Should Be Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Protection for all Your Logins

Any organisation’s most sensitive and confidential documents are only one password hack from being compromised. That means the least secure password that one of your employees is using may be the only thing protecting your data from being breached!

When it comes to password security, we’ve seen that companies throughout Mackay, Brisbane and QLD Australia suffer from the same types of bad password habits as the rest of the country and world.

One of those bad habits is using easy to hack passwords. For example, in 2018 it was reported that 1,464 Western Australia government officials were using ‘password123’ as their password. That password is on every list of common passwords along with others like ‘qwerty’ and ‘123456’.

Other bad password habits that users adopt include:

  • Reusing passwords across multiple accounts (both personal and business)
  • Sharing passwords with colleagues
  • Saving passwords in unsecure lists on their computer
  • Writing passwords down and affixing them to the device they’re used with
  • Typing in passwords while on unsecure public Wi-Fi

When businesses in Mackay and the Whitsunday region are looking for pro-active IT services to increase their network security, they’re often surprised to find out just how prevalent credential theft is and that password security is just as important as things like managed antivirus and a UTM firewall.

At Elevate Technology we help companies solve their problems with weak passwords by helping them employ protection through multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA acts as a secondary barrier in the case of passwords being hacked, stolen, or simply guessed.

How Does MFA Protect You from Data Breaches?

When you provide a way to authenticate that you have access to a particular application or website, that’s called a factor of authentication. The main factor used is the combination of an authorised username and password.

What MFA does is require another factor beyond just one. Other authentication factors can include things like:

  • A PIN that is sent to your pre-authorized mobile device
  • An answer to a challenge question
  • Biometrics, like a fingerprint scan
  • A match of your IP address against an approved list

Elevate endorses multi-factor authentication for account protection because it significantly reduces the chance of a data breach due to a stolen or hacked password.

A study by Google showed that adding a second factor of authentication in the form of an on-device prompt provided the following protection:

  • Reduced automated bot attacks by 100%
  • Reduced bulk phishing attacks by 99%
  • Reduced targeted attacks by 90%

So, if a hacker has breached the password of one of the employees of your Brisbane business, there is a high likelihood that employing MFA will prevent a breach because the hacker won’t be able to get past the second authentication factor.

Deploy MFA Across Your Organisation with Elevate!

With the increase in security that MFA provides, it’s an easy decision to deploy it across all your company logins. Elevate can help your business in Brisbane, Mackay or the Newcastle region set up multi-factor authentication and better secure your network.

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