Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Elevate Technology?

Elevate Technology has a large team of experienced engineers capable of supporting environments ranging from 5 users to 250+ users. We take a different approach than most IT providers as we position ourselves as the ‘vCIO’ in your business to not only keep pace with existing technology ─ but help you achieve greater internal efficiencies and a competitive advantage in your industry.

What is ‘Elevate Manage’?

‘Elevate Manage’ is our flagship offering that covers all of your IT needs for a predictable monthly fee. We include everything you need to keep your business running at peak performance while securing your network and safeguarding your important data. It’s your own full-time IT staff — only for a lot less.

We’ve built the perfect ‘technology stack’ that powers ‘Elevate Manage’ and will take your business to the next level. Industry leaders in hardware, software and security all come together to create a powerfully functional, yet affordable and user-friendly experience.

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Do you provide ad-hoc IT support to businesses?

We believe our Elevate Manage offering provides the best value for clients big and small.  Unfortunately, this means we do not provide ad-hoc IT support to businesses.

Do you provide IT support to consumers?

Unfortunately, we do not provide IT support to consumers.

Do you have long term contracts?

Our offerings are all month-to-month.  We believe we should earn your business each and every month.

Why can’t I find pricing on the Elevate Technology website?

When it comes to IT services there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Pricing will depend on a variety of factors from workstations and users through to servers and physical locations.

However, we can work with almost any budget and we pride ourselves on extraordinary service at an affordable price.

We don’t use any of the technology mentioned on your website, can you still support us?

Our team with 30+ years of experience is very capable of supporting anything and everything IT related.

We have an existing IT provider but are looking for a second opinion — is this something you offer?

Absolutely!  We can perform a non-intrusive audit free of charge and help you evaluate your current IT environment.

My company already has an internal IT team. What value will Elevate Technology provide?

Elevate Technology specialises in working with existing IT teams. We can help provide Help Desk support, Tier-3 and Tier-4 support, after-hours support, software licensing and security. We can provide your internal IT team full access to our tools and ticketing system to create a seamless platform for us to work in unison.