Elevate Managed Cybersecurity

Safeguard operations and increase customer confidence with expert network and cloud security.

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Elevate Managed Cybersecurity

Beat the Cybersecurity Crisis

“Australian Businesses Lose $29 Billion To Cybercrime Each Year.”

Save Money.

Prevent attacks that can negatively impact your bottom line.

Reduce Business Risk.

Defend your operations from unforeseen circumstances.

Protect Your Reputation.

Safeguard your company from scandalous data breaches.

Enhance Efficiency.

Use consistent uptime and data safety to inspire greater trust and productivity.

Prioritize Your Security Without The Distractions

Web security belongs in the important and urgent section of your business. However, there’s no reason for your company to be wasting precious time when you should be doing what you do best. By hiring a team of experienced security service providers in Australia, you can have best-in-class web security without losing a thought on your core business.

How Do We Protect You?

Your protection is our passion. As expert network and cloud security providers, we know that prevention is often more effective and cheaper than cure.

Elevate managed cybersecurity is a comprehensive package including services such as consultation, design, optimization, and deployment. Our process is battle-tested and readily updated to stay current with the most elusive cyber threats on the web.

Included in our extensive security package is stellar defense against the following:

  • Ransomware
  • Data Breaches
  • Malware
  • Phishing Scams
  • Trojans
  • DDoS Attacks

Advanced Threat Detection

Elevate managed cybersecurity features 24/7 monitoring with world class tooling. In this way we can spot potential attacks long before they can pose a serious threat.

Regulatory Compliance

Your network and cloud security can even have legal implications. The good news is that Elevate Managed Cybersecurity includes best practices for aligning with local and international requirements for customer data protection.

Easily Manage User Access

We help you make sure that users have access only to what they need and no more. We provide a governance model that allows you to control identity and access for any individual that interacts with your company network. For example, this may include customers, remote employees, and partners.

Security Education Programmes For Continued Protection

“160 Cyber-related crimes are reported everyday in Australia.”

The main cause of avoidable cyber-incidents is a lack of employee awareness. For instance, employees may become victims of faulty email scans or downloading unsafe applications.

Elevate Managed Cybersecurity includes comprehensive training and education on digital security measures. This training will empower staff to be able to spot potential attacks and encourage them to be more proactive in protecting company devices.

Already have an IT Team?

Here’s how we can help.

Lower Security Costs

By outsourcing your cybersecurity, you are hiring a dedicated team of security specialist to handle your company in a cost-effective manner. You will save precious time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Access To Additional Expertise & Tooling

If you already have in-house security experts, Elevate Technology will work with your team to find the best collaborative environment possible. Choosing our managed

Greater Trust in Expertly Developed Security Protection

We take the pressure of nagging security alerts off your core team. According to the cloud security alliance “Over 31% of IT security specialists don’t respond to security alerts, due to the high number of false positives.” With managed cybersecurity, you can be sure that we have dedicated processes to acknowledge every issue that arises with your tech services.

Dependable Guarantees And Response Times

It’s important that you feel like you can trust your security providers. As trust is important to Elevate Technology, we spend extra time in developing clear Service Level Agreements. We stand by each word made in those agreements so that you can best understand and feel safe with our service.

Don’t Falter On Your Cyber Security

Respect your security needs before a crisis. Not only can cyberattacks cause financial disaster and embarrassment, but they can also cause other issues such as a loss of productivity due to slowing technology and critical downtime. Contact Elevate Technology and get excellent managed cybersecurity services today.

Support can be purchased on a variety of plans with hourly rates as low as $75.00 ex GST per hour

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