Elevate Connect

Supercharge productivity with lightning quick and highly reliable internet service. Our Promise to You: The entire Connect package is dedicated toward providing maximum value for your money - High-speed internet that is both affordable and dependable.

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Elevate Connect

Join the Digital Revolution With nbn

Get the Speed You Pay For

Our superior nbn tooling give us full visibility to make sure your network is never overutilized.

More Bandwidth Than You Need

Expand your business capacity with nbn charged cloud services, phone and CRM tools.

Minimize Connection Loss

Internet failover protocols to keep you from irritating connection drops.

World Class Service - not just internet speed

Highly Customizable Contracts

From no SLA to 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Quick Resolution Time for outages

We’re there in a heartbeat to have you back up and running in no time.

Round the Clock Support

IT Support that cares. Our helpdesk responds in 15 minutes or less.

Support can be purchased on a variety of plans with hourly rates as low as $75.00 ex GST per hour

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