Cybersecurity Awareness Training Part 2 – Educational Videos

There are a number of ways that companies protect themselves from breaches to their network. These include firewalls, anti-malware/antivirus solutions, web protection, and more. But one important area of IT security is employee awareness training.

While managed IT security can ensure your network is secure from multiple threats, educating your users regularly with ongoing cybersecurity awareness information is a vital way to further reduce your risk.

Humans are the main target of hackers. Phishing attacks are specifically designed to fool users into clicking on a malicious link or downloading malware, and are the main method that criminals perpetrate a data breach or dangerous malware infection, like ransomware.

Approximately 46% of all cybersecurity incidents are due to carless or untrained staff.

The problem that many companies in Brisbane, Sydney, and beyond face is how to handle cybersecurity awareness training in a way that engages their employees and isn’t just repeating the same information each time.

One of the best ways to help users not only enjoy IT training, but to also retain the information is through the use of educational videos.

Using Videos to Train and Keep Your Staff “Cyber Ready”

Ongoing cybersecurity awareness training has challenges for many small businesses. Such as how to find the time and resources to keep an educational program going while also trying to grow their business.

Another challenge is knowing what topics to include in training and how to make training effective so employees retain the information and just don’t breeze by a PDF of cybersecurity awareness tips without really reading it thoroughly.

Studies show that 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than to read text. The combination of visuals, sounds, and text in a video provide a powerful tool that helps all types of learners with retention. Videos can also relay a lot of information in just a few minutes.

Elevate Technology helps our users with a cybersecurity video training program that helps strengthen the human aspect of their IT security by keeping users reminded regularly of good security practices in a way that’s not disruptive to their day.

Here are some ways that the use of a video program for IT security can help improve your employees’ ability to spot threats and avoid becoming a phishing victim.

Automated Monthly Lessons

Only about 31% of employees get cybersecurity training even on an annual basis. The more time goes by without a reminder on the best practices of IT security, the less chance there is that your employees will be prepared.

With an automated system of educational videos that are sent to employees each month, managers and business owners don’t have to spend valuable time trying to come up with training materials and scheduling training sessions.

The lessons are automatically delivered to your employees monthly, to both ensure they’re reminded how important IT security is and to allow a wide range of subjects to be covered in a time-efficient way.

3-4 Minute Professionally Animated Videos

A lot of information about cybersecurity can be taught in a 3 to 4-minute video, yet that video only takes up approximately 0.04% of their time a month (assuming 8-hour workdays), meaning the training is productivity-friendly.

An animated format is an enjoyable way to learn and has a much better chance of employees taking in the content than if it was given in text only format.

Videos Can Emotionally Engage

If you give your employees a list of cybersecurity tips, such as to use strong passwords and how to spot a phishing attack, they’re less likely to retain the information because there’s no emotional component behind it.

With video storytelling, users can connect on an emotional level to the characters in the story, which leads to better retention because they have an emotional response and picture to visualise in their head to go along with a cybersecurity best practice.

Cover a Variety of Topics Effectively

When a company is planning cybersecurity training, it can be difficult knowing which topics to include. Inevitably topics are left out because there just isn’t enough time for everything.

With a monthly automated program, nothing has to be left out. Employees can learn about a new area of cybersecurity each month and be fully prepared for anything.

Typical cybersecurity topics that you want to cover include:

  • How to spot a phishing attack
  • What social phishing is
  • Password security
  • Using multi-factor authentication
  • Phone spoofing
  • Business email compromise
  • Physical device security
  • Mobile security
  • How to handle public Wi-Fi
  • Data privacy compliance
  • What ransomware is
  • “Clean desk” policies
  • Removable media/USB security
  • Web browsing security

Trying to fit all those topics in a single training would inevitably lead to users forgetting quite of bit of the information and a rather long training session. Each topic delivered once a month in an easily digestible video gives your employee cybersecurity training program a much better chance of success.

Get Help with an Effective IT Security Awareness Program

Have you been struggling with an effective way to keep your employees trained on good cybersecurity practices? Elevate can help you put an automated cybersecurity awareness program in place that will be both economical and effective.

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