Cybersecurity Awareness Training Part 1 – Dark Web Monitoring

In the first six months of 2019, at least 4.1 billion records were stolen in data breaches. In the first three months last year, Microsoft found 44 million accounts that were reusing passwords found within databases that had been breached in the past.

The continued use of compromised login credentials often happens because a company doesn’t realise that employees’ passwords have been stolen and are being sold on the Dark Web.

Username and password combinations are a popular commodity on the underground internet known as the Dark Web. Where bank account login details can go for roughly AUD$395 and Office 365 administrative credentials fetch AUD$152.

How do you know if a hacker has made it past your IT security defences and stolen your customer database? What about login credentials that are being used, which were exposed in other data breaches having nothing to do with your company?

One of the best ways to protect your Mackay, Brisbane or Newcastle area business is through Dark Web monitoring that can alert you if any of your company data or user credentials have been exposed.

How Does Dark Web Monitoring Work?

One of the reasons that businesses may not even realise their login credentials have been compromised, is due to the length of time it takes most companies to find and report a data breach.

For example: If your company uses the website CafePress to print corporate logo items, then you were most likely notified of a data breach in August or September of 2019, in which 23 million user accounts had been compromised.

But the hack actually happened sometime in February of that year, meaning users went about 6 months, potentially using the same password elsewhere, without even realising their credentials were stolen and most likely being sold and resold on the Dark Web.

46% of people reuse the same login credentials across 4-6 different accounts.

Dark Web monitoring allows Australian organisations to proactively monitor known Dark Web marketplaces for stolen employee or customer data, login credentials, and other sensitive company information.

Elevate Technology works with an award-winning Dark Web monitoring platform that uses both human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to look for key data connected with your company.

Here are some ways that Dark Web monitoring protects your company.

Proactive Alerts

Monitoring happens continuously, and when any customer or employee passwords and emails are found for sale on the Dark Web, you’re alerted right away, so measures can be taken to change that credential before a breach happens.

For example, companies that were impacted by the CafePress breach that were using Dark Web Monitoring, would most likely have known far before the company made them aware if their credentials were being sold on the Dark Web.

Data Visualisations

You receive insights that help you understand your data and any compromises that may have happened. This makes it easier to understand the next steps to take to protect yourself from security threats.

Reports include details on how your company security compares to industry benchmarks and compromises by geographical region.

Extensive Monitoring

Our Dark Web monitoring platform is designed to identify the most likely places on the vast Dark Web where your company data may be up for sale. Multiple types of sites are monitored 24/7, including:

  • Private websites
  • Black market sites
  • Hidden chat rooms
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • Social media platforms
  • Over 640,000 botnets
  • IRC (internet relay chat) channels

Predictive Analysis

Dark Web monitoring doesn’t only help you after the fact, it can also provide insights that inform your user behavior and your protective strategies.

The platform is continuously monitoring the Dark Web and so is able to give a view into industry patterns and trends that you can prepare for before they impact your organisation.

Allows You to Act Fast

It takes on average 279 days for a company to identify and contain a data breach. If you don’t have any way of knowing that employee login credentials have been compromised, you can easily experience a data breach that you may or may not realise for several months, and during that time sensitive information could be being accessed by hackers.

Dark Web monitoring gives you an “early warning system” that can help you act much faster to secure your employee credentials and company information from a breach.

Reduces Your Risk for a Data Breach

Due to the fact that many people reuse logins across several accounts, if just one account is compromised, several others can be at risk as well and lead to a costly data breach.

The average cost of a data breach for Australian businesses is AUD$3 million, which is enough to put many smaller companies out of business should a major breach happen.

Dark Web monitoring is another layer in your cybersecurity strategy that can help protect your company from a devastating data breach.

Ask Us About Dark Web Monitoring for Your Business

Cybersecurity is vital to businesses in today’s connected world where data is a commodity for hackers. Elevate can put a Dark Web monitoring system into place that gives you early warning should your company login credentials be exposed, so you can protect yourself before a breach happens.

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