7 Features of Cloud Solutions That Can Transform Your Business Operations

Cloud computing is more than a trend. In the current technological climate, taking your operations to the cloud is one of the best ways to make your business more efficient and profitable. In this post we’ll go over 7 important benefits of cloud services and how having the right cloud solutions provider in Australia can truly transform your business.

Speed of Development

Simply put, cloud computing architectures are faster and easier to set up than onsite systems. Cloud computing allows cloud solutions providers to spin up new instances in record times since the hardware already exists and is preconfigured. With cloud, you can forego most of the planning that would have gone into procuring and developing the necessary servers on your company premises. This allows you to rapidly get started and make your product available to a global audience. Furthermore, developers can quickly test new ideas and designs without having to worry about any hardware limitations. This frees your company to be more innovative, ultimately leading to more efficient and creative solutions.

Enhancing Security

Your company needs to take cybercrime seriously. This is the best way to make sure that you are not being swept up in the wave of cyberattacks that have been plaguing Australia. Cloud solution providers are IT experts that are trained to ensure your cloud services are protected and running optimally. Your provider will most likely be partnered with a cloud host such as Google. Both your provider and the selected host will be dedicated to protecting your data around the clock. This means that you can trust that the safety of important information is in capable hands.

Cloud computing also makes it easier to comply with regulatory standards.

Remote Capability

Having your work stored on the cloud means that you can access it at anytime and from anywhere in the world. This is especially convenient when you consider the power that mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops possess.  Cloud services are driving our ability to work from home and is creating a new dynamic between employees and employers. Work from home has allowed workers to produce their best while working in an environment that makes them more comfortable and productive. Hybrid work options also let persons start their work on-site, with the option of completing the work on their own time at home. This flexibility will continue to mould the ways how we view work itself in years to come.

Increased Collaboration

Working from the cloud also means access to powerful applications that allow to work with team members in real-time. With the cloud, members of your team can freely share information across secure channels on your platform.

Cloud based tools such as Microsoft Teams make it easy to work together and brainstorm using voice call, video chats, virtual whiteboarding and much more.

7 Features of Cloud Solutions

Scalability and Sustainability

At the core, cloud computing comprises the use of computing resources without having to purchase the hardware yourself. So as your business grows, your cloud solutions provider can painlessly increase the computing needed to satisfy your companies increasing need. In this way cloud computing offers you flexibility and confidence in knowing that your system can scale up to meet a surge in demand – or it can be scaled down to save you money in the slow periods.

Automating Disaster Recovery Protocols

Continuous backups and predefined switch over protocols are some of the ways in which cloud services help you prepare and recover from a data disaster. While these occurrences are few and far in between to start with, having a proven cloud solutions provider on your side can add an element of business continuity that can be invaluable. Having automatic recovery in place helps you avoid perilous human error and save precious time – not to mention the confidence that your system will be able to survive just about anything. Of course, the data is recovered in a smooth fashion so that your customers will be none-the-wiser about the potential damage that could have been done.

Integration With Additional Services

Much like cloud computing in itself, Software as a Service encompasses the benefits of using software without having to build it yourself. New apps are being developed daily that can easily fit into your cloud system and greatly expand the capabilities for your company. No longer is it necessary for you to set your dev team on a wild goose chase for features that are outside of the scope of your main business. With cloud and Saas integrations, you can find a plugin that provides the service in minutes. This will save you loads of time and money in both the short and long run.

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