6 Ways Dropbox for Business Can Elevate Your Digital File Management

The average business generates 7.5 billon documents every year. That’s a mind-bending number, but when you think of each Word document, email file attachment, or cloud generated invoice, those documents can add up fast.

The challenge for most companies is keeping them organised, sharable, secure, and easy to find and access when needed. Trying to manage files that are spread across multiple computer hard drives can make proper security nearly impossible and it causes problems like conflicting file versions and a larger chance for loss due to a damaged or lost device.

Because most company files are now in digital rather than paper form, many businesses have looked to cloud file management systems like Dropbox for help getting their data under control.

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that can be used for both personal and business use. It’s currently used by over 450,000 companies, including Expedia and Hewlett Packard.

Beyond just being a place to back up or store files, Dropbox uses the power of the cloud to promote team collaboration and integration with other apps.

How can using a cloud-based file storage and sharing system elevate your office? We’ll go through the key business-boosting benefits next.

Advantages of Cloud File Storage & Sharing

How much time do you spend trying to find files on your computer and ensure it’s the most recent version? The average office worker spends 1.8 hours a day just looking for information. If you have just 15 employees, that can add up to 135 hours per week, enough to hire another 3 full-time 40-hour per week staff members.

Not only has the use of technology caused files to go from paper to digital, it’s also made them much easier to create, which is why we have so many more being generated each day than we did 20 years ago.

The benefit of cloud file services like Dropbox is that large volumes of data are able to be managed more easily and made accessible to those who need it. This type of service can seriously cut down on time wasted searching for data while also enhancing business continuity. Here are the advantages.

Know Where All Your Files Are

Storing your company files on employee computers and mobile devices leaves them at risk of loss. You also may not have access to file when you need it or end up with multiple copies of the same file on several computers.

Using Dropbox cloud storage allows you to have a central repository for all your files that everyone can access, so there is always one main copy of a file (the most updated one) and you don’t end up with multiple duplicate files. A company also knows where all their files are without having to wonder whose computer has that important customer spreadsheet saved.

Power Team Collaboration

Keeping your team all on the same page and empowering communication is key to business success and forward motion.

86% of employees and executives say that lack of collaboration and poor communication are responsible for workplace failures.

Dropbox Business not only provides a place to store files, it also empowers teams to collaborate more easily, even if they’re in different locations. Real time file sharing and integration with tools like Zoom and Slack means important files are right where they need to be during the course of business.

Access Your Content from Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud platforms is that they allow you to access your information from any device and any location with an internet connection.

Rather than needing to email files you want to work on at home back and forth to yourself, you can simply login to your Dropbox and grab what you need, then the update is saved automatically. You can also easily share files without worrying about email file size limits bouncing your message.

Locate Files Faster

Quick keyword search capability and an organised file system make it easier to find the file you need, reducing time spent searching for documents. Dropbox also includes a component that intelligently suggests files and folders, which makes locating a file even faster.

Secure Your Files More Easily

It’s not easy to enforce security policies if your files are located on multiple hard drives. When they’re located all in one place in Dropbox Business, you can secure how files and folders are accessed and use administrative tools to decide who has access to which files and which one can or cannot be shared or copied.

Centralise All Your Content

Dropbox can handle more than just the files generated on your computers, you can connect your cloud platforms as well, so content from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Microsoft Office are protected and stored all in one place for easy sharing and management.

Learn More About Using Dropbox for Your Business

Is keeping track of all your files challenging? Do you need an easier way to secure, share, and managed content? Elevate Technology can help you migrate your data to Dropbox and show you how much time and money you can save with cloud-based file management.

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