Trigenics Functional Muscle Neurology

    Our Trigenics® practitioners use a specialised procedure that relieves pain and increases strength and movement!

    Available in our centrally located Sydney CBD clinicTrigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology is a treatment procedure that relieves pain and increases strength and movement.

    Trigenics® in our Sydney city clinic is beneficial for treating:

    • Chronic shoulder pain
    • Adhesive capsulitis (aka ‘frozen shoulder’)
    • Hip pain
    • Reduced athletic performance
    • Heel pain
    • Recurring ankle sprains
    • Knee and Patella-Femoral Pain
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Elbow Tendonosis
    • Chronic neck and back pain
    • Bulging Discs
    • Reduced yoga or dance mobility
    • Reduced muscle strength training
    • Fibromyalgia
    Retraining the brain
    In our Sydney CBD clinic Trigenics® works by combining three treatment techniques and applies these simultaneously for a synergistic therapeutic effect on the nervous system which is much greater than if you only applied one.  The three components are:
    • Resisted exercise reflex neurology
    • Muscle nerve sensor stimulation
    • Focused breathing
    During a Trigenics® treatment, the doctor or therapist applies treatment to the muscle nerve sensors while the patient performs specific resisted movement and breathing exercises.  Patients interact during the treatment process with the therapist and treatment; they are not passive.
    Muscle Neurokinetic Examination

    When a muscle becomes injured, damaged or stressed, nerve sensors located within the muscles stop sending appropriate signals to the brain, resulting in decreased muscle strength and increased pain. 
    The result is aberrant muscle ‘pull’ patterns that cause imbalances, poor coordination and dysfunctional joints. This in turn can lead to other soft tissue and joint conditions causing chronic pain.
    Trigenics® examines the body for weak muscles (decreased signals being sent) or short/tight muscles (too many signals sent) and maps out these imbalances on a myo-neurokinetic map.  
    A treatment plan is then set about rectifying these abnormal brain/muscle communication pathways.  The result of the examination is beneficial for communicating with your rehab provider or personal trainer on additional beneficial exercises and stretches.   
    Accelerate your healing and rehabilitation

    Trigenics® is a unique and dramatically effective treatment system based on recent advances in applied functional neurology. Its results have been shown to be effective and long-lasting.  
    Other forms of traditional care such as massage, rehab exercises and spinal manipulation, furthermore, have been shown to be more effective after or in combination with a Trigenics® Treatment.

    A standard Trigenics® treatment can last 15 to 30 minutes.  Find Dr Michael Egan on Google+

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Meet Our Practitioners for 'Trigenics®'

Michael Egan

Dr Michael Egan - Head Chiropractor & Trigenics Practitioner

Dr Michael Egan, heads up Elevate's Chiropractic and Trigenics team, treating patients with safe methods of natural chiropractic care. Dr Egan is also Elevate's Frozen Shoulder specialist.

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Stephen Lee

Dr Stephen Lee - Chiropractor & Trigenics Practitioner

Dr Stephen Lee is part of Elevate's Chiropractic and Trigenics team, providing safe, natural chiropractic care, education and advice on how we move, eat and manage life's stressors.

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